Saturday, 29 June 2013

Closing Down !

Due to more pressing,exciting, sporting commitments am closing down for the time being.
 Good wishes to everyone- will still follow your blogs .

Friday, 29 March 2013

Good Friday

No, I haven't popped my clogs. Been ' resting' but was inspired by the Easter Bake Off Master Class to have yet another go at Hot Cross Buns. Have had many attempts over the years   and produced many potential hand grenades and  lethal weapons until I gave up and paid Mr Morrison a visit. This time I tried Paul Hollywood's recipe. It sounded a bit strange as it called for chopped apple and orange zest but they certainly were success on a plate !! Much enjoyed and will certainly make more. Thank you Paul !

 Have also had an eye op since the last Blog. Four years ago the Optician said that I needed surgery to remove cataracts.At every annual visit for four years I stalled until I was struggling to check for any wins on ERNIE so decided to go ahead. At the assessment  I told  the surgeon that I was apprehensive-in fact downright scared and he said that I could go to sleep- ' er,no thank you, I might not wake up.' I was offered and settled for a valium fix . I was fortunate to be shunted to a private hospital even though I am a NHS patient . A wonderful place, dedicated, caring staff,a personal nurse, tea,coffee,biscuits on tap. I passed up on the fix and the op was over in the twinkling of an eye and I felt nothing at all. What a difference ! Everything is so clear and bright. Have had to stop looking in mirrors though . Couldn't stand the shock.

Sadly the local wool shop is closing down. There was a sale on so I bought some commercial wool. It seemed to be in lovely muted shades , reminiscent of heather clad moors in the mist. Now after the op. its turned into a rather violent purple and brilliant green wool cacophony - there is such a thing-see below !

Happy Easter to all !

Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Haute Cuisine

Didn't imagine  that an innocent cinnamon biscuit could lead to such an international discussion on  oats ! Think I will stick to the good old  2 4 6 Shortbread in future

 2ozs sugar, 4ozs butter, 6ozs plain flour --- ( but what is PLAIN flour ????  I hear you ask  )

Sunday, 27 January 2013

The Weekend

The Christmas chocolate biscuits, mince pies and the last crumbs of the cake have finally been demolished so back to baking. Watch out Mary Berry. I was suffering withdrawal symptoms so am happy to don the pinny and get to work once more . Today had a biscuit making session and produced Cinnamon Biscuits,Peanut Crunchies and Coconut Macaroons. The Cinnamon are very spicy and also very easy to make. You just mix 4oz oats, 2oz oatmeal ,6oz brown sugar,1 egg, 4 fl oz vegetable oil and 1 tsp cinnamon ( the recipe called for 1½tsp cinnamon but we find this a bit overpowering ) together and place heaped tsps well apart  on baking trays and cook  at !80⁰C or 160⁰ C for fan ovens for about 15 mins They are so full of healthy, wholesome and beneficial things that you can consider them medicinal and eat as many as you like  The survivors ( I mean biscuits ) stay crisp for quite a time too

                                         Oatmeal                      Oats

This weekend have also had an enjoyable time playing with a new mobile phone. So many people seem to be  mobile only now that I decided to find a cheaper network and also upgrade the phone. Have had a lot of help from various customer services all pleasant and helpful although they must have wondered where I had been for the last decade. Anyway up and running now. It's not an all singing, dancing model but it does have a few party tricks up its sleeve and all in glorious technicolour as well ( see what I mean  ? )
Back to routine tomorrow. Thankful I haven't to go to work . I well remember the dreaded Monday Morning feeling and commiserate with others who have  to endure it .
 Happy week to all !

Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Happy New Year !

Belated New Year greetings ! Hope it proves to be a happy one for all .
 The marmalade season is upon us once more and today was the start of the annual  marathon. I only made fourteen jars this session because my wrists and hands were showing their age and protesting . Is it any wonder  ? When I think of all the writing,slicing, chopping,beating,mixing, spinning,knitting, sewing and at one time pounding the piano keys they have done I realised they have served me very well and been wonderful friends . Opening things is sometimes difficult now and I have to appeal for help with packets,tins and jars  although I have found that you can unscrew a milk container with the nut crackers.Sadly it often proves impossible to open the bathroom and kitchen cleaners  but I can usually manage the chocolate boxes and chocolate biscuit packets are no problem   either so the future is still  promising.
 It's good to get back to normal and resume all the usual activities . It will soon be Spring, It is cold but sunny today and the snowdrops are already peeping through in the front garden!

Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Christmas Preps.

Preps.?  Whatever next ?   Perhaps   RUOK or  CUL8R ?  One must move with the times . KEWL ! Anyway my 'preps' have not gone according to plan. I thought that I would  shop early and avoid all the crowds. What a mistake  ! The Christmas Ice Cream has all been eaten, two slices of pudding  consumed and inroads made into the Baileys irish Cream. Fortunately the turkey is frozen.I think that next year I will go back to normal and join the last minute rush !
On Boxing Day last year we went to the Sales and stocked up with Christmas Cards ready for this year hoping that we would live long enough to send them. The shop was very busy and I didn't read the messages very carefully. When I came to write the cards this year I found that the greeting on one box of twelve says, " Have a bright and brilliant Christmas ." Who on earth  would appreciate one of these ? My friend in Manchester who can only take a few steps without an oxygen mask ? My friend having her first Christmas  as a widow ? My friend recovering from a recent op ? My chair bound friend ? My 88 year old brother ? ( Yes definitely one for him -might  even send him the lot - it might seem a bit insensitive for the others. Will have to find something more appropriate ) 
 Again there will only be me,  R. and the turkey ( if it survives ) for the holiday so I have spun and dyed some wool for a Christmas Project to while away the time ( the result  is not very seasonal -it's more Bonfire Night but never mind .)
It will be interesting to see how it knits up. 

There is not enough for a garment and I have one or two scarves so it will have to be socks. Always useful in this cold weather .
                                 B 4 N
                      Happy Christmas to All

Saturday, 20 October 2012

Success has Crowned My Efforts !

One day when I looked at my Blog I saw that the Side Bar had plummeted to the end of the page and had become a Bottom Bar. What to do ??  I spent hours browsing and trawling for a solution trying this, that and the other . Finally one of the many advisors suggested that a Stat Counter could be the cause of the problem so I removed it and Hey Presto ! the Side Bar magically resumed its rightful place. Success at last !
The computer never ceases to amaze me . It is so clever and there are so many knowledgeable folk ready to help and come up with information or answers  to  a myriad of problems. I revel in Internet Shopping and I'm getting good at beating myself at Solitaire .I feel that in some ways I am very fortunate to be living in this age when there have been so many advances in science and technology- in fact more than at any other time in history . Although in spite of all the material progress, happiness and contentment have not kept pace. Each discovery brings its own problems. People in primitive communities with few modern trappings are reputed to lead much happier and less stressful lives than we do . Swings and Roundabouts !
Now that my son and daughter are living away and are busy leading their own lives my computers have become my surrogate children Each has its own personality with different strengths and weaknesses. Sometimes they are a bit wilful and tiresome just like any child but I love them all !

 I greatly appreciate the word processing facility and look back over its development. I started out putting words on paper with a blacklead pencil  ( just missed the slate era ) Then I progressed to a pen holder with dip in nib and real writing . At school each desk had an inkwell and you had to be very careful as you transferred your loaded nib to notebook as a blot resulted in the cane . The teacher then drew a red ring round the blot  to show that you had received your just desserts (what an uproar that would have caused today. intimidation? assault ? bullying ?-- compensation ! ) Next if you were lucky you might have a fountain pen for Christmas, if very lucky a Waterman with a gold nib or a Swan or maybe just  a Platignum but all greatly prized .Then the Biro brothers came up with their marvelous invention. The pens  were very expensive at first and not many could afford one .We were all envious of a girl in our class whose brother bought her one  and she would often let us all have a go with this wonderful creation. You could write for miles  and miles with it and we often did, as all notes, essays, assignment and exam papers were  hand written.
 Now at the touch of a few keys you can produce magnificent professional looking documents, in any format, style or colour  and even have them spellchecked.How wonderful ! What progress !
( Er ... I have to make a confession- I wrote this draft in longhand )