Saturday, 20 October 2012

Success has Crowned My Efforts !

One day when I looked at my Blog I saw that the Side Bar had plummeted to the end of the page and had become a Bottom Bar. What to do ??  I spent hours browsing and trawling for a solution trying this, that and the other . Finally one of the many advisors suggested that a Stat Counter could be the cause of the problem so I removed it and Hey Presto ! the Side Bar magically resumed its rightful place. Success at last !
The computer never ceases to amaze me . It is so clever and there are so many knowledgeable folk ready to help and come up with information or answers  to  a myriad of problems. I revel in Internet Shopping and I'm getting good at beating myself at Solitaire .I feel that in some ways I am very fortunate to be living in this age when there have been so many advances in science and technology- in fact more than at any other time in history . Although in spite of all the material progress, happiness and contentment have not kept pace. Each discovery brings its own problems. People in primitive communities with few modern trappings are reputed to lead much happier and less stressful lives than we do . Swings and Roundabouts !
Now that my son and daughter are living away and are busy leading their own lives my computers have become my surrogate children Each has its own personality with different strengths and weaknesses. Sometimes they are a bit wilful and tiresome just like any child but I love them all !

 I greatly appreciate the word processing facility and look back over its development. I started out putting words on paper with a blacklead pencil  ( just missed the slate era ) Then I progressed to a pen holder with dip in nib and real writing . At school each desk had an inkwell and you had to be very careful as you transferred your loaded nib to notebook as a blot resulted in the cane . The teacher then drew a red ring round the blot  to show that you had received your just desserts (what an uproar that would have caused today. intimidation? assault ? bullying ?-- compensation ! ) Next if you were lucky you might have a fountain pen for Christmas, if very lucky a Waterman with a gold nib or a Swan or maybe just  a Platignum but all greatly prized .Then the Biro brothers came up with their marvelous invention. The pens  were very expensive at first and not many could afford one .We were all envious of a girl in our class whose brother bought her one  and she would often let us all have a go with this wonderful creation. You could write for miles  and miles with it and we often did, as all notes, essays, assignment and exam papers were  hand written.
 Now at the touch of a few keys you can produce magnificent professional looking documents, in any format, style or colour  and even have them spellchecked.How wonderful ! What progress !
( Er ... I have to make a confession- I wrote this draft in longhand )


Lilly said...

I know computers are fantastic and so frustrating at the same time. But that is why I love Google, any problem or question I have I just search for it and up comes lots of different answers. I am glad you fixed your blog problem. I have been known to spend hours trying to tweak something (the blog that is).

So clearly you are still enjoying the Mac Barbara. I am getting one as soon as my PC packs it in. I am not sure I could handle two computers at once though. For me it would mean double thenightmare. However, now I tend to look at blogs on my mobile phone. And I do have an Ipad too but for some reason use it less than the computer and phone. So I really do have more that one computer anyway really.

And internet shopping is the best.

As for pens well I never wrote with ink but I recall my desks at school having the ink well. As for long hand I just saw on the TV last night that while most uni students do everything by computer they are still required to write their exam questions in longhand.

The journalist was saying how ludicrous it is and students should be able to use computers to do exams. I recall doing exams like this and not only my hands hurt from writing but you could not read my writing. Most of us do not have to hand write much at all these days. And that is obvious as my writing looks terrible. I think that is a shame as once people had lovely hand writing, now kids don't even know how to write. And worse, 50 year olds handwriting looks like a 10 year olds - all that lovely cursive writing is no more.

I usually write my posts in Word and then cut and paste it into Blogger - so I can understand you writing it out.

I dont care how you do it as long as you do it because your posts are always great fun and very interesting. Have a great Sunday.

Joanne Noragon said...

My 13 year old granddaughter is assigned a short story for her English class. She is writing it longhand in a spiral notebood. Occasionally she types up a section. If it makes you feel younger!

Christine said...

wonderful post Barbara. I remember slate boards, fountain pens, ink wells. what memories, we HAVE come a long way! Good point about the happiness and contentment factor, we seem to be living faster lives, and more stressful for sure! To what end? Progress?

Buttercup said...

I still have my father's fountain pen collection and my dearest gift was my first electric typewriter. That so changed my life. I do enjoy my computer and it does make it easier to keep up (and meet) with friends family.

Ms Sparrow said...

As winter approaches, my hands (especially my thumbs) become stiff and painful. I can only write by hand long enough to do the grocery list and crossword puzzles are out of the question. I love that I can type on the computer for long periods of time without discomfort.
Computers really do add to ones quality of life!

Anonymous said...

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