Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Christmas Preps.

Preps.?  Whatever next ?   Perhaps   RUOK or  CUL8R ?  One must move with the times . KEWL ! Anyway my 'preps' have not gone according to plan. I thought that I would  shop early and avoid all the crowds. What a mistake  ! The Christmas Ice Cream has all been eaten, two slices of pudding  consumed and inroads made into the Baileys irish Cream. Fortunately the turkey is frozen.I think that next year I will go back to normal and join the last minute rush !
On Boxing Day last year we went to the Sales and stocked up with Christmas Cards ready for this year hoping that we would live long enough to send them. The shop was very busy and I didn't read the messages very carefully. When I came to write the cards this year I found that the greeting on one box of twelve says, " Have a bright and brilliant Christmas ." Who on earth  would appreciate one of these ? My friend in Manchester who can only take a few steps without an oxygen mask ? My friend having her first Christmas  as a widow ? My friend recovering from a recent op ? My chair bound friend ? My 88 year old brother ? ( Yes definitely one for him -might  even send him the lot - it might seem a bit insensitive for the others. Will have to find something more appropriate ) 
 Again there will only be me,  R. and the turkey ( if it survives ) for the holiday so I have spun and dyed some wool for a Christmas Project to while away the time ( the result  is not very seasonal -it's more Bonfire Night but never mind .)
It will be interesting to see how it knits up. 

There is not enough for a garment and I have one or two scarves so it will have to be socks. Always useful in this cold weather .
                                 B 4 N
                      Happy Christmas to All


Ms Sparrow said...

I have found it's always risky to buy greeting cards ahead of time. I have stacks of birthday and sympathy cards that are never quite appropriate for the person or the occasion. It sounds like you have the Christmas spirit in spite of it all! Merry Christmas to you both!

Joanne Noragon said...

Luscious yarn! Happy sock knitting.

Christine said...

Interesting point made about those Christmas cards, you have a wonderful one anyway Barbara! Great to hear from you.

PixieMum said...

Love the yarn, have you considered making a shawl using lace knitting. I've not tried knitting lace, after all I'm just about to stitch the toes of only my third pair of socks.

So good to hear from you, enjoy the peace of Christmas.

Lilly said...

OMG you make me laugh out loud. Always. And I needed that today.

It is funny because my sister was here last night and she did the same as you. She got all her Christmas food early but let's say her family have indulged in it a bit too early and now they have to restock. She was talking about putting the sweets under lock and key. Not from the kids but from her.

I hope you both have an absolutely wonderful Christmas. Somehow I know you will and I am sure it will be full of laughter and good times PLUS great food if you are the chef for the day.

Lilly xx

Barbara Blundell said...

Thanks for comments. Sorry to be a bit slow repying. I've had the dreaded Norovirus. Quite horrendous ! Fortunately recovered in time for the Festivities

Hi Ms Sparrow
All cards sorted ! Happy Christmaw to you too

Hi Joanne
Yes, looking forward to making socks

Hi Christine,
Hope you have a lovely time with your family

Hi Pixiemum
Haven't tried lace knitting. I find it difficult to spin fine wool . I keep trying though !
Happy Christmas to you

Hi Lilly,
The turkey has survived.although not much else !
Hope you have a lovely time and a Happy Christmas