Sunday, 27 January 2013

The Weekend

The Christmas chocolate biscuits, mince pies and the last crumbs of the cake have finally been demolished so back to baking. Watch out Mary Berry. I was suffering withdrawal symptoms so am happy to don the pinny and get to work once more . Today had a biscuit making session and produced Cinnamon Biscuits,Peanut Crunchies and Coconut Macaroons. The Cinnamon are very spicy and also very easy to make. You just mix 4oz oats, 2oz oatmeal ,6oz brown sugar,1 egg, 4 fl oz vegetable oil and 1 tsp cinnamon ( the recipe called for 1½tsp cinnamon but we find this a bit overpowering ) together and place heaped tsps well apart  on baking trays and cook  at !80⁰C or 160⁰ C for fan ovens for about 15 mins They are so full of healthy, wholesome and beneficial things that you can consider them medicinal and eat as many as you like  The survivors ( I mean biscuits ) stay crisp for quite a time too

                                         Oatmeal                      Oats

This weekend have also had an enjoyable time playing with a new mobile phone. So many people seem to be  mobile only now that I decided to find a cheaper network and also upgrade the phone. Have had a lot of help from various customer services all pleasant and helpful although they must have wondered where I had been for the last decade. Anyway up and running now. It's not an all singing, dancing model but it does have a few party tricks up its sleeve and all in glorious technicolour as well ( see what I mean  ? )
Back to routine tomorrow. Thankful I haven't to go to work . I well remember the dreaded Monday Morning feeling and commiserate with others who have  to endure it .
 Happy week to all !


Christine said...

your cookies look fabulous Barbara, do you mean 4 oz of flour, you seem to have oats twice in that recipe which I'd like to try.

Christine said...

and congrats on your new mobile phone!

Barbara Blundell said...

Hi Christine Theres no flour in the recipe Its oats.the kind we use for porridge plus oatmeal. Perhaps you dont have this or call it something else They are nutty lille bits of oats. i use some called ' pinhead' Theres also medium and coarse. Will try and post a photo

Ms Sparrow said...

I wonder if your "oats" are what we call steelcut oats. They are chopped up rather than flattened like oatmeal. We have different kinds of oatmeal--instant, quick cooking, old-fashioned and thick. The instant is sort of powdered and you just add hot water (it's awful). The quick cooks up in a just a few minutes while the old-fashioned and thick oats take longer. The steel-cut oats take a long time to cook and since they're more expensive, I don't buy them. Your cookie recipe sounds wonderful and the photo of your goodies makes my mouth water!

One Woman's Journey - a journal being written from Woodhaven - her cottage in the woods. said...

They look wonderful
getting ready to eat
and I will come back
and look at your recipes :)

Christine said...

Thanks for getting back to me Barbara, I will save your recipe as I investigate these types of oats, lol. It sounds great for people with gluten allergies and wheat sensitivites.

Joanne Noragon said...

I left to run an errand, and returning find the oats and oatmeal mystery demystified. Perhaps a trip through the food processor would turn our oatmeal into oats, make it more of a flour. Does the oat package list any other ingredients? I really want to make this yummy food group.

Carol Z said...

These all look so good. I just got a new phone for work and spent a lot of the weekend figuring it out. I'm going to need a lesson tomorrow from one of my colleagues who is more familiar with it.

Barbara Blundell said...

HI Christine
Have done some research and discovered that oatmeal is made from the whole grain with outer husk removed and chopped into three -resulting in the nutty texture. With oats the grains are rolled into flakes Hope you will be able to get the oatmeal. It is lovely for cakes and biscuits also seem to remember my Mum using it to coat herrings before frying
The coconut biscuits are made with GLuten Free flour as Roger's daughter-in-law has coeliac disease They were an experiment and turned out well

Barbara Blundell said...

Hi Ms Sparrow
The steelcut oats sound like what we know as oatmeal I think that what you know as oatmeal we know as porridge oats

Barbara Blundell said...

Hi Joanne
Hope the mystery is completely demystified now !
There are no other ingredients listed on the packets so i guess they're just pure oats processed in different ways Hope the recipe works out O. K.

Hi Carol Z
Hope you've got your phone sorted out.Have had great fun putting this one through its paces, Fortunately its only a basic model Hope to be connected today so waiting for it to ring . Have rung myself but there is no answer

Hi One Woman's Journey
Hope you manage to make the biscuits and enjoy them !

Lilly said...

He he funny as usual. A phone with party tricks - mine just gives me a hangover when I get the bill every month! Those cookies sure are not helping me with my diet Barbara but they do look yummy. Hope you are well and ready for some warmer weather coming your way. Personally I am hoping for some cooler weather, its too damn hot at the moment. I know. What a whinger when lots of people want warmer weather, lol. And I get what you are saying about oats and oatmeal. We speak the same language he he.

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